Bay Window

A bay window is a window which is designed in a very specific manner. It is usually going to stick out from one of the outer walls of the house. The solution is usually designed in a manner which provides three separate sides. This is one of the most convenient things that you might incorporate in the design of your house, especially if you are looking for something more traditional and rather cozy. Bay windows aren’t usually used in modernistic designs but they are overly emphasised on for traditional and comfortable homes.
The most important thing that they are going to deliver is that additional space. Because the window is actually constructed to stick out of your outer wall, it’s going to open up some additional space on the inside. This additional space could be used to incorporate a particularly cozy reading corner or something else entirely. What is more, some people prefer to take it up a notch and make it a part of their living room space, making it even more comfortable. The bay window is also a great source of light which is something that’s particularly desirable and highly emphasised on.

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